Welcome to INDOSTAR Group recruitment and placement service. We’re looking for committed, enthusiastic professionals to set best recruitment agency in the worldwide, the only provider of an authentic ethnic experience in the regions in which we operate. We invite you to be selected INDOSTAR management the authentic with us, on our brilliance solution and qualified candidates.

We, INDOSTAR Group will be a rapidly-growing business with respect to our Clients modern needs and demands and we offer the highest standards of consistent quality to hundreds of thousands of candidates. The comfort and safety of our clients are our top priority. we continue to improve our management in order to maintain the good name of our management and the relationship with our clients continues and build on our outstanding reputation with our client within the global hospitality recruitment industry.

We, INDOSTAR Group will rely on our candidates to give their best to their jobs on board the ship, to the fellow employees and to ship’s management. The personal conduct, professionalism and teamwork will be the key to the continued development of our business and our brand.

We, INDOSTAR Group will be proud to have our crew placement in a warm and caring work environment where they will be happy and satisfied and able to do their best. In line with our client’s desire to create a positive Indonesian candidate experience, we also want it to be a fun and rewarding environment, especially for those who work consistently and with authentic enthusiasm and attention to detail.

Why work with us


Best selected candidates to attract and retain the best people in the industry both on board the ships and in land base. Quality and qualified candidates who distinguish themselves with enthusiastic teamwork of the highest quality. Are you an innovator and a leader, an imaginative problem-solver? Yes? Then you belong at INDOSTAR Group.


We are seeking to attract, maintain and develop talented employees to create a family environment at our company one where you’re committed to your own growth and development and in the overall growth and development of Indostar Group Management. We believe the further you advance in your career with Indostar, the more you’ll contribute to the growth of our agency. As such, we provide you with the best performance management in the industry and with specific, measurable objectives to help you develop and progress in your role with us. We want to see you succeed!


Recognizing and valuing engagement, commitment and hard work is one of the basic priorities that all our clients desire and the core of our positive employee experience. We have therefore established a reward process in which our staff members are valued for their outstanding performance.

Working with Indostar Management!

Ocean of opportunity awaits you as you sail by our client’s ship. Our positive employee experience consists of spectacular goals, opportunities to work with a group of leading people from different cultures who love what they do, recognition and management support, and the opportunity to build your career with us. Why wait? apply it with Indostar!.


Start Your Career with Indostar

Indostar Management doesn’t want you to apply for a job, we want you to apply for a career, one of the most satisfying imaginable. We’re always looking for great people. Looking to be different and live the authentic with one of the world’s best ship cruise lines? Bring your enthusiasm, your skills and your talent and join us. Let’s visit to the employment page!


We Are Seafarer's Recruitment & Crewing Management Agency, Legally and Reputable, We Are Certified With Seafarer's Manning Office (SMO) and MLC 2006 Certified Comply With The Regulation | INDOSTAR/ISS Management's MOTTO: "Great Employees Begin With Great Indostar Group Crewing Agency"