INDOSTAR management really understands and must implement the rules of MLC 2006 and the rules given from our principle. the crew that has been approved by the principle then they should continue their health feasibility check whether they are worthy to go to the ship or not!

The competent authority shall require that, prior to beginning work on a ship, seafarers hold a valid medical certificate attesting that they are medically fit to perform the duties they are to carry out at sea.

To ensure that all seafarers are medically fit to perform their duties at sea

  • Seafarers shall not work on a ship unless they are certified as medically fit to perform their duties.
  • Exceptions can only be permitted as prescribed in the Code.

The competent authority, medical practitioners, examiners, shipowners, seafarers’ representatives and

all other persons concerned with the conduct of medical fitness examinations of seafarer candidates and serving seafarers should follow the ILO/WHO Guidelines for Conducting Pre-sea and Periodic Medical Fitness Examinations for Seafarers, including any subsequent versions, and any other applicable international guidelines published by the International Labour Organization, the International Maritime Organization or the World Health Organization.

In order to ensure that medical certificates genuinely reflect seafarers’ state of health, in light of the duties they are to perform, the competent authority shall, after consultation with the shipowners and seafarers’ organizations concerned, and giving due consideration to applicable international guidelines referred to in Part B of this Code, prescribe the nature of the medical examination and certificate.