The key to success comes from the people you have on your team. We truly understand this, and thus the reason. INDO STAR SEJAHTERA has retained the highest quality leadership and employees on its staff. Our team has the experience and skills to recruit, process, and train the most sought after candidates and crew in Indonesia.

With a commitment to efficient, proactive, and expedient communication and service, our aim is to obtain our mission with excellence. Through the many years of being established in Indonesia, and with the many relationships we have fostered, we can effectively source from many educational and hospitality establishments, and ensure expedient processing of crew members without any bureaucracy or delays. Our services will be including of :


Pre-selection, Selection, Conduct interview (English and skill), Evaluation and assessment report, Pre Employment Medical Exam and Manning process administration before joining onboard upon date embarkation.

Test & Training Facilities

With current partner for STCW 2010 training, English test Marlins and communication Skill, Welder Training, Leadership Skill and other required training before joining onboard upon schedule embarkation.

Medical Exam & Vaccination

Arrange medical exam for our crew members with appointed hospital in accordance to principal requirements, Activated crew to take medical exam, Selected crew do the medical exam, to arrange required Vaccination, such as Yellow Fever, COVID-19 Vac and etc,

Deployment and Airport Handling

Deployment preparation including replacement for those who are not ready, Pre-Departure Briefing (Do's and don'ts during travelling and onboard, drug and alcohol policy, etc), Check —in services and Airport pick-up upon request.

One of our goals is make the Indonesia crew member the number one choice for the maritime industry. We feel we can achieve this goal due to the intrinsic values of compassion and excellence ingrained in the culture of the people of Indonesia. We look forward to providing you with the quantity you need at the highest levels of customer service

We are here to serve!

Crewing Solutions for the Cruise liners and Other Maritime Vessel sectors


INDOSTAR is a professional crew management company that has been established and operates from Indonesia since 2009. We offer crewing solutions made specifically for ship-owners operating on Cruise Hospitality, Cargo, Tanker, Fishing, Offshore and Drilling lines. INDOSTAR Seafarer’s Crewing and manning agency can provide ongoing crew management services for entire crews or specific Indonesia Seafarers or departments depending on the requirements of the vessels and maritime industry employers. Our Indostar management team, based in Jakarta – Bali – Indonesia , have over the years gained a wealth of experience in coordinating marine crew on behalf many shipping company employers operating all kinds of ships worldwide.

We man our clients’ ships with the right crew at the right price and undertake completely the administrative and operational burden associated with crew management, enabling our clients to focus exclusively on their core business.

We take pride for our reliability and the exceptional manner in which we deliver our service, exceeding always the needs and expectations of our clients and assisting them in achieving their business objectives.


We provide our clients with qualified and experienced IDN crews for Hospitality services positions. Crew members are employed by our company under Indonesian law and are subject to social insurance in accordance with Indonesian regulations. We offer our crew excellent working conditions in accordance with the minimum salary level applicable in the ship operator country.


We are always successful in supplying many crew members to some of our clients in Europe, namely Switzerland, Germany, Cyprus, Netherlands and Malta. Each clients are satisfied with our service that the crew depart according to the scheduled frame time to the ship. Year after year we always improve our services for the success of our principle in its business. INDOSTAR always supports the clients of achieving successful goals in maritime industry.


Offshore has become our other core activity in 2014, in line with our business. We provide our clients with trained sea crews and we have channeled many reliable crew members, namely “CATHERING CREW CERVICES” to Bourbon Evaluation 806, Bourbon Evaluation 808, Bourbon Supporter, Kreuz Installer, Kreuz Supporter and Lintenstein. All crew members are happy to work there and can complete their contracts well.


We have long experience in the crew management of bulk carriers, coasters, Ro-Ros, containers, oil and chemical tankers trading worldwide. The combination of Officers crew and Asian ratings has proved to be a successful manning model however we can provide any nationality of crew that the client requires.

Operating within the Indonesian territory with an important geographical area allows Indostar Seafarer Recruitment to provide many crew management services including:


Job posting, applicant screening, interviewing candidates, reference checking.


Medical examination, document checking, employment and processing of crew.


Crew relief planning, scheduling crew changes, arranging crew flights and shore transport.


Managing competence requirements, arranging crew training, maintaining training records.


Budget preparation, accounting for crew costs, budgetary control and variance analysis.


Employee payroll monitoring, pay monthly wages with home allotment and social insurance contributions.We know many different CBA’s and have extensive experience in dealing with international taxes. and social insurance contributions.


Arranging crew insurance for death, disability and medical care, handling insurance claims.


Monitoring medical status of crew, dealing with doctors and hospitals in case of ill or injured crew.


Monitoring performance of crew, dealing with crew complaints and disciplinary procedures.


Maintaining records of crew, arranging the embarkation / Re embarkation schedule from the Clients, monitoring certificate renewals and Embarkation visa processing.


 To find out more about our crew management services and to discuss your crewing requirements, please contact us.


Operating within an important geographical area allows Indostar Recruitment to provide many marine recruitment services from interviews to organize local seafarers and marine training. We are also best suited to see local market trends such as fluctuations in seafarers’ salary scales and variances in crew demand, which can prove beneficial to shipping industry entrepreneurs.

Indostar Recruitment can provide full-scale recruitment services from initial advertisements to ensure successful crew members are briefed and ready to join. Recruitment campaign management services can include:

    • Advertising
    • CV response management
    • Certificate sighting
    • Reference checks
    • Telephone / face to face interviews
    • Open days
    • Pre-employment checks
      • Marine Medicals
      • English / French / German languages
      • Criminal record checks
  • Perform scheduling and reporting of the seafarer.
    • Conduct pre-departure arrangements
  • Monitor the seafarer while on board.
  • Routine sign-on and sign-off of seafarer.
  • Scheduling of visas for seafarer.
  • Scheduling a flight reservation which has been agreed upon by the principal and seafarer.
  • Implement validation approval and administration of approval or Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) based on the negotiation process that has been agreed in advance.
  • Implement payroll quickly, precisely, and accurately in accordance with the applicable rules.
  • Assistance with crew travel arrangements


Indostar Recruitment is considered as the leading marine recruitment specialist in Indonesia. We use a multi-faceted and flexible approach to sourcing and attracting high-end seafaring talents to our database. Our recruitment team is connected with thousands of seafarers on our social media site (Facebook, LinkedIn) in addition to our global database of seafaring candidates.


To find out more about our marine recruitment services and to discuss your crewing requirements, please contact us.