How to write a CV for Jobs at Sea

In general, the crew members submitted their CVS to our office not according to what Indostar Management needed and we tried to tell this it might reduce the CV that was not suitable for our management, The seaman’s CV is an important tool for marine recruiters and potential shipping entrepreneurs when considering you for potential vacancies. Because seafarers need special maritime certification and expertise to work at sea, it is very important for you to provide this important information in a format that is well presented and easy to follow, which should ideally be kept up to 4 pages if possible. This help guide allows you to follow the preferred Indostar Seafarers crewing agency. Probably the most important part of applying for a position with a cruise line is to write a professional CV / Resume. Make sure your CV is in one of the common file formats: DOC (Microsoft Word) or PDF (Adobe Acrobat). Other CV formats will not be taken into consideration.

Personal Profile:

Contact Numbers: (home and mobile)
DOB: (optional)
Skype address:

Personal Statement:

A very important part of your CV because it attracts the attention of prospective employers to be approved.

This should include a brief summary of the background of current experience and  current experience, career goals and the level of certification.

Providing the right personal statement if writing the CV.

Education / Qualifications:

This should include relevant school, Hotel Management Institute, Hotel Training center or Floating hotel school, maritime college attended including dates and qualifications.

Employment / Experience:

Previous employment should be included in this section starting with your most recent employment.

This should be listed with Job Title, Employer, Name and Type of vessel sailed and Dates.

You should include a brief sentence on experience / skills gained within each position.

You should provide the appraisal letter from your previous experiences

You should provide the right reason for moving from previous company 

Hobbies and Interests:

The section should be kept brief however you can include activities, interests, life aims.


Our management refuses to reference the crew members by playing money. NO AGENT FEE FOR CREW

A reference is someone who your potential employer can contact to find out more about you.

The crew of the ship that is referenced must contact and interview by our local crew agent to ensure your

experience and skills in the field you are applied.

Hospitality Cruise line Ships and CV’s

For all applications to Cruise Line vacancies, Providing a recent photo to your CV.

Do you have a correct CV and ready to go? Kindly fill up the application form at the employment page.

''Successful Writing CV Will Help The Next Stage Quickly''