Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I do to find a job on a cruise ship?
A: Join us today to explore the exciting employment opportunities that would match your employment   experience and qualifications.

Q: Is there age limit?
A: NO! There is no strict age limit; however there are certain guide lines related to recommended age of applicants for shipboard employment. All applicants with no exception must be at least 21 years of age at the time of application. Applicants for entry level positions should not be older than 35 at the time of application. Applicants for Senior and Management Positions should not be older than 55 at the time of application. Based on operational needs and qualification of the candidate, most Cruise Lines will usually make exception in favor of experienced candidate.

Q: Are there religious or cultural restrictions?
A: NO! There are no religious or cultural restrictions to applicants. We represent Equal Opportunity Employers and decisions on applicants? employment are based on language skills, professional qualification and experience only.

Q: Who gets hired by cruise lines?
A: Mostly professionals looking for career advancement, occasionally students and retirees.

Q: Do the employees have to be able to speak English?
A: Yes, English is a must. Additional languages are a benefit.

Q: Do the employees have to be able to speak French?

A: Yes, attend the French course and Basic French conversation. 

Q: Do the employees have to be able to speak German?
A: Yes, attend the German course and Basic German conversation. 

Q: How do I know if I am approved?
A: Your Employer will communicate directly with you during the recruitment process and will notify you and will direct you to designated Company Representative or Agent for your visa and documents processing and preparation for departure.

Q: Who decides my position and salary?
A: All decisions concerning approval for employment or rejection of applicants, as well as designation/position and salary entitlement are taken by Clients/ Employers.

Q: How much do the employees earn?
A: Different companies pay different wages depending very much on position and department. Your Employer will officially notify you on your position and salary once you have been approved for employment.

Q: For what length of time can I work on a cruise liner?
A: Contract length varies for the different companies. Based on your position and department, you might have a contract from 4 up to 10 months. Then a compulsory break of 6-8 weeks follows. Employment contracts are renewable based on your performance on board.

Q: How long is a working day on cruise ships?
A: Standard working hours in the Cruise Line industry are 10 hours per day, 7 days a week. However based on operational need you might on some occasions work from 12 up to 14 hours a day and the companies will pay for your extra time of duty.

Q: What documents do I need?
A: Based on Ship Itineraries and International Maritime Regulations, different Cruise Lines will require set of different documentation for their crew members. Your Employer will advice you what documents you need to prepare, however having valid documentation does not guarantee employment.

Q: Do non-US citizens need a visa?
A: Yes, if you will be joining vessel that enters the US you will need to obtain C1/ D visa to be able to join your assigned ship.

Q: Do I have to get any Safety Training before I start work?
A: Safety on board the ships is of paramount importance. Unless your Cruise Line advises you otherwise, you will need to have valid STCW95/ SOLAS Safety certification, which you will have to obtain at your cost at designated training institution.

Q: What is the accommodation on ships like?
A: Cabins on board are usually shared by 2 or more crewmembers. Most cabins are equipped with TV set and, telephone and have toilet and bathroom that you share with your cabin mates.

Q: What happens if I get ill when working on a cruise liner?
A: You get free medical help. Your employer will pay for your medical insurance.

Q: Who pays for the plane ticket from my home to the port?
A: in the case of this ticket, the Client will pay for the ticket embarkation to the ship and returning from the ship.

A: In most cases you will have to buy yourself a single one way ticket to the destination where you are assigned to join your ship

A: There is other client who have to pay for the round trip ticket with a monthly salary deduction

Q: Where do the cruise ships sail?
A: Cruise ships are scattered around the world depending on ship’s itinerary you might have to join in North, Central & South America, South Africa, Egypt, Mediterranean Sea, North Europe, and Asian Pacific.

Q: How long do I have to wait?
A: Joining schedules / assignments are made by HR Departments of the Cruise Lines based on ships? needs and positions available. Some applicants might experience extended periods of waiting before deployment arrangements could be made, due to temporary limited position availability or as result of events beyond control of the Employers, such as Global economic situation, temporary financial difficulties, recession, armed conflicts, natural disasters, terrorist acts, etc