Let’s Be Part of our Team Reaching a Career at Sea

Professional Maritime crewing agency Indonesia (Indostar Group) is pleased to announce the launch of its Languages Course in Jakarta, Indonesia based company continues to build on its success as a leading provider of Internationally recognized ”SEAFARER’S LANGUAGES COURSE” as well as  improve the quality of candidates who can communicate well on the ship with a good standard of languages  also good candidates already have the right skills according to positions.         

Continued to provide clients the highest standards in performance and the successful seafarer’s course that have been carefully designed to meet the rigorous standards of today’s modern seafaring requirements, including adherence to all the relevant international maritime laws and conventions.           

INDOSTAR Team always provides candidacies to ships that are ready to work in a language that is requested by our clients and candidates to be satisfied and happy to work on a ship to have direct communication with passengers from various countries.

INDOSTAR SEAFARER’S COURSE will hold and prepare several languages ​​needed by our clients as follows :

  • ENGLISH language
  • FRENCH language
  • GERMAN Language

All languages ​​that Indostar prepares are languages ​​that are commonly communicated in hospitality service and give career advancements on cruise ships or river cruise ship.

INDOSTAR candidates already proficient with work and have extensive skills in knowledge that must be supported fluently in languages will bring the highly careers at sea.