In the development of seafarer’s recruitment and placement agency business, INDOSTAR pointed to one of the places in one of the islands of Indonesia that is Bali, Bali island which can be easy to absorb young workers with their capability and can be promoted to our principle so that our principle is satisfied what we do in this business field.

INDOSTAR management will appoint one of the bigger islands and cities in Indonesia to be made representative agent so that it can enlarge the wings of Indostar management and direct young experienced skilled workers in their field of Hospitality industry.

This new representative agent deployment takes time and the right people to hold INDOSTAR management in order to run according to the head office management rules of INDOSTAR Jakarta which without taking any reward from sailors either apply for work and go to ship. Our previous management and so on strongly adhere to this in order to comply with the rules of MLC 2006 and should be able to reach the willingness of our principle so that the office operation runs what it is.