1. INDOSTAR – ISS GROUP is a manning agency, which performs intermediary services related to the recruitment, selection and placement of seamen to work on board ships owned and/or operated by foreign companies.  We undertake the responsibility for the quality and execution of these services to both job seekers and client companies in accordance with the applicable national and international laws.

2. .INDOSTAR – ISS GROUP‘s entire process of providing intermediary services is free of charge and no direct or indirect charge fees to the job seeker or the approved seaman are allowed. The seaman shall only pay for his/her legal personal documents, for a national seaman’s passport and a passport or similar personal travelling documents.

3. INDOSTAR – ISS GROUP services are transparent and comply with the established standards. Each candidate is provided with a variety of vacancies for them to choose from after successfully passing their interview. We work closely with the seaman’s future employers to make sure their requirements are satisfied.

4. INDOSTAR – ISS GROUP provides comprehensive information for people, who search for cruise ship jobs, yacht jobs or cargo – tanker ships and offshore jobs. Everything is explained in a clear manner and includes a lot of examples, which answer the needs of any seaman looking for jobs.

5. INDOSTAR – ISS GROUP is committed to serve the candidates’ and it’s top priority to be polite, kind and helpful to anyone, who wishes to use crewing and manning agency services. We listen to candidates’ requests and concerns to satisfy their requirements and keep all data, inquiries and complaints strictly confidential.

6. INDOSTAR – ISS GROUP is committed to respond in writing to each submitted written request/application and/or complaint, regarding unprofessional administration as soon as possible after receiving the relevant documents, except in cases where a more detailed inspection is required.

7. INDOSTAR – ISS GROUP performs its duties with professionalism, not giving subjective opinions, observing the principles of equality and not allowing in any way or form seamen to be subject of exploitation or pressure by the company’s employees, in connection to the process of personnel onboarding.

8. INDOSTAR – ISS GROUP provides equal access to its crewing and manning agency services and insist on the equality of each candidate, regardless of their social status, education, sex, age, ethnicity or religion.

9. INDOSTAR – ISS GROUP measures candidate’s satisfaction by asking for their opinion, suggestions, and potential complaints. These can be submitted at one of the company’s offices, and after a comprehensive analysis, we take the necessary actions to improve our services, enrich candidates’ experience and satisfy job seekers.

10. INDOSTAR – ISS GROUP follows the standards and best practices for crewing and manning agencies established in the sector. The company has a long-standing experience in intermediary services for recruitment, selection and placement of seamen to work on board of ships owned and/or operated by foreign ship owners.