To be the premier Maritime Crew Manning Solutions company in the industry by leading with the highest global standards and having the best crew members in the world.


To nourish and champion the human spirit within crew members and employees to enthusiastically


1. Integrity 2. We deliver a high standard of care 3. Consistancy 4. Transparency 5. High Ethical Standards 6. We are compassionate and considerate 7. We work as a team 8. We run a lean business and success 9. Doing the right thing matters
INDOSTAR MANAGEMENT Research Mission Statement

To ensure all the clients are totally satisfied by the services provided, always improve and develop the high standard of our services.

INDOSTAR Research provides research on two fields:
  • Definition and enhancement of human capability of seafarers, educators and managers.
  • Effectiveness of training processes for improving human capability.
The research provided by INDOSTAR Research is oriented to a practical use of new generated knowledge in both research fields:
  • It helps planning and organizing the enhancement of human capability in maritime industry in Indonesia.
  • It improves the quality and effectiveness of teaching-learning processes in INDOSTAR hotel school training center and other Hotel colleges in Indonesia.

INDOSTAR Research provides students of INDOSTAR and Hotel Training Center and BIWI Hotel School or other Maritime College in Indonesia the opportunity of being involved in research projects during their studies. INDOSTAR Management Research also offers trainers opportunities of professional development participating in research projects.

INDOSTAR Research is called to be an active participant in Local academic life and seek to the cooperation with similar research institutions in Indonesia and in the world. The findings of INDOSTAR Research are regularly published in national and international refereed publications and presented in national and international conferences.

To keep our customers always satisfied by providing them the highest quality and Qualified, safety, environmentally friendly, energy efficient and economical management and operation of their ships & Hotel Industry, in accordance with their needs and expectations and in full compliance with International and National Legislation, as well as other industry standards and guidelines.

The new knowledge generated by INDOSTAR Research serves the interests of INDOSTAR group in Bali and in the other INDOSTAR countries, as well as the maritime industry and society elsewhere.



The priorities of INDOSTAR/ISS Management for the period 2022–2030 are:
  • Provide useful research.
  • Create synergy inside the organization.
  • Obtain recognition from external stakeholders.
INDOSTAR Research Vision Statement

To be one of the best trusted seafarer’s Recruitment & Crewing Management agencies, Consultant and Training center in Asia, through customer satisfaction.

In 2022 INDOSTAR Research will be a Best record research institution recognized by the Indonesia Academy of Sciences, playing a leading role in the field of maritime human research at the East Sea region Asia and with incipient recognition in Indonesia.

INDOSTAR Management will make the satisfaction of our Clients for developing and improving the long lasting expertise, through innovative and pioneering solutions, aiming always for perfection and excellence in the management and operation on board Cruise liners so Our candidate will adopt a LEADERSHIP on board the ship according to the department and its position in the shake. Following the Qualified candidates from our database and always include the best candidates (skill, Knowledge and experiences background) into recruitment pooling scheme upon requested positions from our client.

INDOSTAR Research Values

PEOPLE – The INDOSTAR will be provide SCS Hotel Training Center and Maritime College strategy is based on creating highly motivated students and most capable faculty (trainers) and researchers in maritime fields. INDOSTAR Research cares for the development and welfare of all INDOSTAR Maritime College Group.

TRUTH – The INDOSTAR Research has a commitment to do evidence-based research and looking for a deeper and true understanding of the processes involved in the improvement for human capability and training processes.

USEFULNESS – INDOSTAR Research looks for results that are useful for maritime industry and training centers.

ACADEMIC CULTURE – INDOSTAR Research creates a demanding research environment based on academic ethics, mutual respect and interest between students and staff and mutual support.