Food Handling for Seafarer Standard Annex 3.2 MLC 2006

This Food Handling  Annex 3.2  MLC 2006 Purpose  : To ensure that seafarers have access to good quality food and drinking water provided under regulated hygienic conditions

Shall adopt laws and regulations or other measures to provide minimum standards for the quantity and quality of food and drinking water and for the catering standards that apply to meals provided to seafarers on ships that fly its flag, and shall undertake educational activities to promote awareness and implementation of the standards referred to in this paragraph.

On ships operating with a prescribed manning of less than ten which, by virtue of the size of the crew or the trading pattern, may not be required by the competent authority to carry a fully qualified cook, anyone processing food in the galley shall be trained or instructed in areas including food handling and personal hygiene as well as handling and storage  on board ship.

In accordance with the ongoing compliance procedures under Title 5, the competent authority shall require that frequent documented inspections be carried out on board ships, by or under the authority of the master, with respect to:

  • all spaces and equipment used for the storage and food handling and drinking water; and
  • galley and other equipment for the preparation and service of meals.

Screening Pre-Employment

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